Emily (aka Mom)

The swiss army knife of the Abbott household: I do it all

Hi, my name is Emily Abbott and I let my children watch TV in the morning. (GASP!) Probably not the most auspicious of greetings. But it’s honest. And if there is one thing I value these days it’s honesty. We already have a ZILLION blog posts and influencers giving us the most beautiful way to raise our children (and they are truly lovely and even inspirational) but it doesn’t always feel honest, that kind of picture-perfect parenting. So consider me the voice of reason in this social media frenzy or call me the over-caffeinated crazy mom who lets her children eat boxed macaroni (not all the time mind you) and wear pajamas all day. I’m comfortable with both. I mean, even as I write this I’m gulping down my second cup of coffee and threatening my children with 24 hours of silence if they can’t figure out how to get along. After all, we’re all just trying to do our best 🙂